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Adjust your leadership mindset with this podcast that will transform the way you think! 

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The Winner’s Circle Network® free daily email is the perfect complement to you or your organization’s quest to realize your potential.

Each day, The Pacific Institute® takes the internationally validated concepts taught through their programs and processes, and draws parallels between those concepts and real-life situations, giving you insights into managing change, setting and achieving goals, leading more effectively and thinking in ways that create success.

Positive, uplifting, thought-provoking and challenging, you will find the Winner’s Circle is the perfect beginning, middle or end of your day!

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The Pattern Interrupt Webinar Series

Your ability to achieve what you want comes from within you, and your daily patterns are driving the results you achieve! Your success rides on the ability to stand out in what you think, what you say and what you do. Learn a simple approach with actionable skills that will transform your outcomes.

Join us to learn how we increase our awareness and increase the chance that we break the pattern and change a behavior!

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Mindsetting Moments Videos

Microlearning for today!  Join us for Mindsetting Moments; an action packed video learning portal with short snippets of some of our most popular courses, led by our expert facilitators and focused to help you on your growth journey!  With subjects like Positive Relationships, Fixing The Replacement Picture and Gratitude, this is a great place to get started or a get a BOOST for your mindset journey!  

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Mindsetting - Rethinking Thinking Podcast - Launching in 2021!

Rethinking Thinking is a weekly podcast that delivers the best mindsetting strategies to leaders, organizations and teams. Each week we will share the tools and strategies that today’s top leaders are accessing to adjust their leadership mindset in order to achieve more. We will interview top executives, thought leaders and innovators from around the globe on topics that will help you  to unpack and unleash your potential, rooted in your mindset and applied by your thinking.

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Mindsetting: Rethinking Leadership
This e-book is a wonderful resource to begin to discover the power of our mindsets and how they stand in the way of making the impact you truly desire as a leader. 

Download Rethinking Leadership HERE

Revealing Scotomas in My Team 
This e-book is a powerful read to begin to discover you and your team's “Scotomas” (blindspots) that may be keeping you from greater engagement, teamwork, communication, creativity and performance.
  Download Revealing Scotomas In My Team HERE

The Keys To Decision Making

This e-book shows you why Accountability, Control and Power are the three pillars of solid decision making.  Discover the way you think, and deliberately change the way you make decisions, forever!
Download The Keys To Decision Making HERE

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