Mindsetting Strategies For Banking Leaders

Is your teams STRESS and UNCERTAINTY driving decreased performance?

TURN IT AROUND with a powerful blueprint that will CHANGE the way you LEAD


Optimize Resiliency

Break through barriers that  block your TRUE POTENTIAL and achieve your professional goals.

Build Stronger Relationships

Develop social & emotional intelligence to build COLLABORATION and TRUST with direct reports, peers and clients.

Reduce Stress

Help yourself & employees OVERCOME obstacles & REDUCE stress and anxiety with RENEWED RESILIENCY.

During our sessions together expect to:

  • Communicate CLEARLY and CONCISELY with employees about steps you're taking to REDUCE STRESS and navigate the chaos together

  • Increase the VALUE OF RELATIONSHIPS with clients to improve customer satisfaction 

  • Commit to and build GUIDING PRINCIPLES on employee well-being

  • Ensure workforce RESILIENCY and CONTINUITY of client and employee experiences

  • GROW THE BELIEF at EVERY LEVEL of your organization that you CAN achieve your goals during crises

  • Identify the mindset that DRIVES BEHAVIORS and LIBERATING BELIEFS - the essential approaches to survive in the short and long term

  • Adopt a more AGILE APPROACH while strengthening efficiencies

  • Build a HEALTHY CULTURE even in times of rapid change

Includes group sessions, online learning AND individual coaching!

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Meet Your Program Hosts

Laural Manegre, Master Facilitator

Laural Manegre is an Executive Advisor with over 25 years of experience as a Master Facilitator, Keynote Speaker and Executive Leadership Consultant.  Laural is a dynamic leader who has the keen ability to challenge individuals while calling them forward to capitalize on their personal strengths. She has an amazing ability to empower organizational leaders to create an extraordinary vision and goals for themselves, their teams and organizations. While she is highly sought after for her work within Banking, Government Agencies, Fortune 1000 Companies, as well as Higher Education, Laural is passionate about the process of personal transformation. She is known for her ability to swiftly pinpoint the areas within organizations that will produce the highest return in people and resources.

Michael J. O'Brien, Partner

Michael is a Partner in The Pacific Institute® (TPI) and serves as the Director of Research and Application for the organization. Since 1985, Michael’s diverse background in finance, economics and human behavior has him sought out the world over for his ability to bring the seemingly intangible aspects of organizational culture and performance to light. His consulting expertise has enabled hundreds of organizations to achieve their goals through transforming their culture. He has face-toface coached over 3,500 senior executives on six continents on how to improve their leadership to drive those culture transformations. Michael is the co-creator of The BluePrint Toolset - a suite of diagnostic products used in the measurement and development of organizational cultures, leaders and individuals. He recently co-authored “ThinkBanking & Corporate Webbing - 50 Secrets to Success in the Digital Age.” 

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