Leading In Times of Crisis

A Powerful, Professionally Coached Program That Will CHANGE The Way You LEAD


During our sessions together expect to:

  • Overcome the limitations of your own individual THOUGHTS and  BELIEFS

  • Mobilize your organization by setting clear priorities and EMPOWERING OTHERS to discover and implement solutions that serve those priorities

  • Foster COLLABORATION and TRANSPARENCY across teams and departments

  • DISTRIBUTE AUTHORITY and share information more efficiently and effectively

  • Reframe behavior to SHAPE and DELIVER a high performing ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE

  • Navigate new and ever-changing priorities and how to respond with HIGH EFFECTIVENESS 

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Handle Anxiety

Help yourself and your employees overcome obstacles and reduce stress and anxiety with RENEWED RESILIENCY! 

Empower Yourself and Others

Bring out the best in your teams to achieve goals and BREAK THROUGH to optimize productivity and performance.

Adapt To The Future

EMBRACE change and the increased complexities of today's workplace with FRESH, INNOVATIVE thinking.

Meet Your Program Hosts

Jahmad Canley, Master Facilitator

Jahmad Canley, is internationally known as a top-level culture transformation consultant, peak performance coach, and masterful story teller. Jahmad focuses on helping people and organizations accomplish their goals and fulfill their potential in their personal, professional, and organizational lives. 

Getting his start in Organizational Development and Change Management over a decade ago, Jahmad has assisted numerous organizations unleash their potential to accomplish their goals. Organizations around the world utilize his unique experiences and ability to transfer Cognitive Science and Culture Transformation processes to improve success rates and remove barriers to success at the root cause. His training and consulting services have resulted in higher productivity, reduced recidivism, reduced attrition, and a myriad of positive results for each partnering organization.

Jahmad’s ability to combine his energy and passion with a sense of humor and innate sincerity enables him to connect with a wide range of audiences and empower them to achieve the growth and change they earnestly desire.

Tracy Smith, Master Facilitator

As the Director of Facilitator Development, and one of our most experienced Master Facilitators at The Pacific Institute®, Tracy has helped thousands of students instill lasting change that starts on the inside and then moves to the outside. If you want lasting change, you don’t manipulate the environment. Instead, you modify the foundation of beliefs, habits and expectations. This results in changes that not only last, but that spill over into every aspect of life, both professional and personal. What is more, these are changes that people embrace instead of resist. Let Tracy guide you on this journey to discover your true high performance potential!

Bring Us Your Team!!

Leading In Times of Crisis is one of the most impactful, proven systems for success available in the training marketplace today.  If you would like to put your whole team through this guided group of sessions and conversations, or speak to us about a curriculum that fits another team or department, simply click below.  We look forward to connecting! 

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