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Leadership In Crisis

Unleash new thinking on how you impact those you lead with this transformational process!

Employee Well-Being

Learn how to optimize the wellbeing of your employees during times of change.

High Sales Performance

UNLEASH YOURSELF by shifting your thought process to improve your sales performance.

PX2 Kids!® Animated

Our award winning animated version of our empowering education for kids ages 5-11years.

Learn To Lead BOLDLY

A proven, flexible approach to achieve more results with strategic Leadership Coaching

Leadership In Times Of Crisis and Uncertainty

The demand for exceptional leadership has never been greater. The challenges of our times, require leadership of extraordinary wisdom, integrity, skill and perspective.  Learning to be a skilled leader is a continuous process of reflection, experience, and exposure to new insight and ideas. The leader’s mindset can help explain the difference between effective and ineffective leadership. By mindset we mean the filter or predisposition through which we look at the world around us.

Our experiential Leadership program unleashes new thinking on how a leader impacts those they lead and creates exceptional energy and alignment within the team to organizational vision and goals. We have seen this transformational leadership process takes leadership and organizational performance to exciting new levels. Join leaders from other business sectors, functional roles and geographies in this powerful experiential leadership program. 

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Employee Well-Being and Performance

In these times of accelerated change and increasing demands, our ability to handle stress, adjust to new ways and grow is vital to our well-being, performance and overall happiness.   Never has this been more thrust upon us than during this COVID-19 pandemic.  At the center of our ability to effectively adjust and grow, and see opportunity in threat is our Mindset - how we view ourselves, the changing world around us and being able to thrive (not just survive) in the “new world” or “next normal”. 

This powerful curriculum dives into the habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations that we hold  to optimize performance and well-being. Participants will learn about the most significant aspect of health and optimal well-being: that you are in control and have the power to change different aspects of your life.  This curriculum also provides transformational mindsetting knowledge, tools and learning experience to take greater control of and elevation of well-being and performance.

This process sets your life on the path to flourishing and higher levels of performance!

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The High Performance Sales Pro 

We have all worked on improving our professional sales skills, and taken many sales training courses. So, why this program? How is it different? Typical sales programs focus on core selling skills – those that are essential to selling. This program focuses on mindset: how you think about sales, about yourself, your teammates, about the products and solutions you offer, your customers and what they are looking for. 

This powerful program is the competitive edge that will help you release yourself from views that have been holding you back, that may have kept you from hearing what your customer is really saying. You will unleash yourself to take your sales, and your success as a sales professional, to new levels. By making a shift in our thinking, we automatically make a shift in our sales performance.  Now is the time! 

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PX2 Kids!®

PX2 Kids!® is an award winning animated version of our empowering education designed for children ages 5-11years.  With so many of our employees at home with their children practicing social distancing this is a great opportunity for them to share The Pacific Institute's core concepts with their children. Since you or someone in your organization have already participated in one of our educational programs, you are ready to be the teacher and in doing so help your child develop their growth mindset and refresh your own knowledge. 

During this time, we are pleased to offer these resources for a 1-year license to share with all of your employees. We will provide the PDF copies of both English and Spanish, facilitator guide, and manuals for both age groups, for you and your facilitation staff to distribute, or use to run internal programs.

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Leadership Coaching: A Bold Approach To Achieve More™

At TPI, we know that a Leader's time is the most valuable resource they have. We have designed our coaching program to meet the leader exactly where they are with their time and availability by making our certified coaching team available everywhere. 

Leadership coaching can equip you with the structure and guidance to navigate change and test new ideas by removing those rate limiting steps mentally, emotionally, and professionally as you lead your organization.  For more information and to get your own coach, click the link below.


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