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PX2 Kids!®

PX2 Kids!® is an award winning animated version of our empowering education designed for children ages 5-11years.  With so many of our employees at home with their children practicing social distancing this is a great opportunity for them to share The Pacific Institute's core concepts with their children. Since you or someone in your organization have already participated in one of our educational programs, you are ready to be the teacher and in doing so help your child develop their growth mindset and refresh your own knowledge. 

During this time, we are pleased to offer these resources for a 1-year license to share with all of your employees. We will provide the PDF copies of both English and Spanish, facilitator guide, and manuals for both age groups, for you and your facilitation staff to distribute, or use to run internal programs.

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Invent Your Future® It Starts With Self-Talk™

Most of us are asking if there is any way to take back control of our lives, calm the stress, and actually plan for some piece of our future. Can each of us get back to being “me,” or maybe even more than the “me” we’ve come to know? Can we get over that “hump,” that seems insurmountable, in order to do something we want, but have yet to achieve? The answer to all these questions is, “Yes, we can.”  

This online course provides you with the knowledge and tools to thrive in all dimensions of your lives. Knowing that achieving more of our true potential and our well-being first starts with a growth mindset, this program gives you the skills to take charge of your future.

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